Dille & Kamille: How do you advertise a brand that’s not really keen on advertising?

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The ‘Dingen die ertoe doen’ (Things That Matter) platform, developed by The Valley, manifests Dille & Kamille’s sustainable products as a personality.
With 41 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, Dille & Kamille has become a cherished destination for a large group of fans. The iconic tote bag has become an indispensable part of any street scene. The family business was founded in 1974 by Freek Kamerling as a counter to the throwaway society. ‘Natural simplicity’ was his philosophy because a qualitative, simple life offers solutions to many problems that we as a society have to deal with.This sustainable philosophy resulted in a growing brand for things that make life more beautiful. Yet, the brand awareness of Dille & Kamille was still limited (founder Freek Kamerling did not really believe in advertising). But to impact those social problems and achieve Freek’s mission, his ideas must reach a wider audience. No one will know who you are if you don’t tell your story.

Agency: The Valley

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